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"Leanne is the most patient person I know. She works well with people who are nervous about their body. Because of a back condition no one wanted to work with me and I never thought I'd be able to do physical activities again. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the effects of what is going on with movement pattern training. She is very easy to work with and always a joy to be around. My body is now strong, I've lost weight and it is easier to work with my back pain." 
-- Edwin H.--


"I'm always excited about my stretching time! Leanne is so great to work with. She is full of so much knowledge. What a caring person she is.  Here level of teaching is filled with patience and really caring for the person she is working with. Is is a pleasure to have Leanne as an instructor." -- Denice R. --

Leanne knows her stuff and is comfortable teaching and sharing passionately how this made a difference in her life. She is both inspiring and knowledgeable about exercise and kettlebells, while being careful and prudent, teaching the importance of doing exercises while emphasizing good technique and correct form. Keep up the good work Leanne. Your are awesome! --David E --
 Susan Silver Sneakers Class

My daughter found the Kettlebell Lady Leanne on the web and when I out the class was not only a Silver Sneakers - FLEX class but, it was really what I needed. I've gained strength, balance, fit and have gained knowledge of my body. Leanne listens to us and, structures the class to help us the most. She's very knowledgeable about the body.-- Susan K --


"I was in an auto accident and was advised to see Leanne and she amazed me with her knowledge of muscular anatomy and exercise to repair and rejuvenate ones body. Leanne also recommended other avenues of treatment for healing in combination with kettlebells which shows the traits of a true professional. Thanks Leanne for your compassion, understanding and dedication. Keep up the good work.
-- Renee H --

                                ACHIEVE THE POWER OF STRENGTH

I've had a total body transformation using mainly kettlebells. Kettlebells train movement patterns, combined with physical & mental strength, mobility, flexibility, cardo dynamic intensity working the entire body & more!

Over ten years ago I suffered from a very traumatic seat belt injury that changed the course of my life. The injury was complicated by a major illness.  Recovery was a slow process, but because of primarily kettlebells, I'm now at full mobility and my body has been completely restored.

To encourage me a couple of friends gave me inch worms as inspiration to help me keep going. My logo at  the top became my trade mark as the Kettlebell Lady in the Wenatchee Valley, Move Well, Move Often, Get Fit, Live! . I'm an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (OES-C), American Council on Exercise ACE Certified Fitness Instructor (ACE), Hard Style/High Intensity Fitness Kettlebell Instructor (HIKF-C), certified Functional  Movement Specialist (FMS-C) and a Be Fit Group Fitness Instructor. The last week of July I was recognized    by the National Osteoporosis Foundation & Medical Fitness Network as Fitness Trainer of the week. 

The Passion I developed to assist others with their journeys for improved health and fitness is why I'm a Fitness Trainer "coaching" others to reach their goals to become more than they ever imagined possible. Please see "A  Triumph Against All Odds".

What are your goals? To rebuild your body as the result of an illness? Injuries? Higher quality of life? Healthy food choices and pure water? Lose weight? Tone up? Train for a sport(s)? Or . . .? Whatever your goals are I can help!

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