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American Council on Exercise (ACE).-NCCA To keep my certification every year I'm required  to take continuing education courses (CEs). This helps me stay abreast with the most effective methods available to design a safe effective exercise program for my clients in the field of exercise science. I am on the US Registry of Exercise Professionals.  My ACE profile can be vied at: www.ace

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High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness Instructor (HIKF-C). To obtain this certification I had to perform the required kettlebell exercises with perfect form. Hard Style means you move well first, move with load second, add speed third and  conditioning fourth appropriately. It's a school of strength teaching you correct movement patterns. 


I have over 10 years experience with kettlebells combining High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness and Hardstyle disciplines into an effective training program.  My hard style training was under Pavel Tsatsouline, SFG Elite Instructors.  I've assisted at Level 1 & II workshops and completed an internship. I'm now conduction workshops and offer a Basic Skills Course.  A certificate is given to those who pass the basic skills tests demonstrating good form with functional movement along with a written exam. .  The primary tool used are kettlebells.  In addition to the above, I also  work with those who have autoimmune conditions (on the National Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Instructor list of providers) and the aging populations instructing Be Fit group exercise classes..

My diversified multifaceted background includes:

Teach the 24 form not marshal arts application of Tai Chi Chuan. with over five years of experience.  I combined Tai Chi with my
Qigong training to teach you how to breath correctly, relax, focus, ground, build strength, coordination and fluid pain free movement patterns. These disciplines teach you how to relax and rely upon your body's inner healing.  When I instruct, I teach you how to get your muscles lose, loaded and when to link all you muscles together for daily activities, exercises and kettlebell training. I've discovered this is the safest, most effectively way to age gracefully and to enjoy an active lifestyle.

 I use a progressive corrective strategies exercise program based on movement/structural analysis base line which includes kettlebells, body weight exercises, Indian Clubs, sand bags, XT Suspension Training, exercise form of Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong to relax and release tight muscles, working off an exercise ball, bands, dumbbells, tubing, gymnastic rings, jump rope, battling rope, flip a 175 pound tractor tire and whatever is handy within my  environment to exercise efficiency of movement for daily activities and physical activity.  I am on the Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Trainer Provider list and work with autoimmune conditions and the aging population.

Working knowledge of physical therapy and massage therapy of trigger points and myofascial release off foam rolls and various size balls. I've received extensive rehabilitation from injuries that had left me partially permanently disabled of which I'm now totally restored. I'm trained in using a combination of static, dynamic, isometric and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretches and some yoga poses and Pilates exercises.