Achieve The Power Of Strength



It took four months of stretching the tendons in my arms day and night before I could do one push-up and many months more before I could extend my arms with elbows locked over my head. The flexible rehab program I designed after I did a Movement/Structural Analysis Assessment and specfic remedial movement pattern training exercises once the  movement screening base line was established included: kettlebells, Battling Ropes, Indian Clubs, sledge hammer, body weight exercises, dumbbells, bands, tubing, foam rolls,stretches, balls, jump rope, gymnastic rings, 175 pound tractor tire I flip over, Tai Chi Chuan exercise form and whatever I could find in the environment.

I'm grateful for the support of family, friends and my health care providers who encouraged me along the way.  Their on going encouragement made the difference!  The first nine years of my journey I fall through a lot of cracks. The last four years I've been able to push forward consistently "inching" because of my Massage Practitioner who has done a combination of Tai stretching and deep tissue therapeutic massages.  I've learned the difference between "good" pain and bad "pain"  and how to relax into the pain so the trigger points and muscle restrictions would relax.

This quote along with the one from movie Field of Dreams  ". . .believe the incredible and the impossible will come true. . ."   and "a little more persistence, a little more effort & what seem hopeless failure will turn to glorious success."    Elbert Hubbord

My God given dream isn't a shadow for I'm living it!  Are you living your dream?  If not I'm hear to assist you with all that I've learned form my uncharted "faith" adventure.  The Kettlebell Lady -- Leanne

I was so far down the road there was no turning back! My uncharted "faith" adventure is now ready for the next chapter  . . .

"She is a power house of a women you need to work with because of her drive and determination to help others." Tami Laurence, Lemongrass A Natural Foods Store, 1054 Springwater, Wenatchee, Washington, 509-888-3805,

Before and After Picture

After with 26 pound Competition Kettlebell