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Kineso Tape for myfascial release comes in a variety of colors. It conforms to the skin, you can get it wet and leave on your skin for a couple a days at a time. Be sure to check the area around where the tape has been applied to make sure there is no skin irritation.  Please contact me with your questions. I wore this tape for awhile to retrain my movement patterns after the trauma to my spinal cord from my seat belt injury.  The Kettlebell Lady -- Leanne

Kinesio tape works well to improve circulation of blood, lymph, for pain, reposition the subluxation of a dislocated joint whether there has been injury or to help with sports performance.  It also worked very well for me after I had trauma to my spine when my hips were turned to the left and my rib cage to the right. The trauma to the spine caused a condition called clonus. Clonus is an abnormal pattern of neuromuscular activity, characterized by rapidly alternating involuntary contractions and relaxation of skeletal muscles. By using Kinesio tape from my clavical on the left and right sides to my scapulas (shoulder blades) stopped the clonus.  Before the clonus was stopped I had alternating involuntary muscle contractions that made it difficult to perform daily activities, exercise and sleep at night.  Over time spinal column was healed no longer needing to use Kinesio tape.


"Poor exercise technique -- or even faulty movement patterns in daily life . . is how this can push an athlete over the symptom threshold (or pull that athlete back under it) is kinesio taping. If the past few years -- and particularly at the London and Beijing Olympics -- this modality spread radpidly in the sports world, treating everything from the ankles up to the shoulders. While this tape's creators assert that it has effects on the lymphatic and circulatory systems, it's my impression that the most marked changes occur with respect to the reallocation of stress on particular tissues.  . . and taping interacts with the fascial system." -- Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS,