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                     Functional Movement Screening                     

The Kettlebell Lady Leanne specialized in prevention of and overcoming injuries through the efficiency of movement. She is now fully recovered from a major illness and a seat belt injury that had left her disabled.  In an article published in the Good Life magazine a couple years ago: "Inching Triumph Against All Odds" she shares her recovery story.  The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is one of the tools used to aide in her recovery and new uses with her clients. The Functional Movement Screening is a scoring system to rate efficiency of movement.  Once scoring is completed a print out of findings is emailed to clients along with corrective exercises.  To help reduce L & I claims the FMS is also done for businesses.

How is your breathing? If you don't know how to breath correctly you've missed the starting point. When the breathing starting point is missed the associated movement pattern to it is broken.  Now what do I mean by efficient movement?

Can You:

  1. Push/Pull?
  2. Balance?
  3. Bend Hip Hinge? (Dead lift for a reason the kettlebell swing)
  4. Balance your body?
  5. Alignment under a load you carry?  (Farmers Walk)

 Move well, move often, get fit, live!











                                      Why Functional Movement Screening?

Personal trainers are encouraged by the American Council of Exercise (ACE) to do standard screening assessment in order to establish a base line and determine if there are three or more risk factors factors necessitating a referral. The Tests recommended are:

1. Cardio Vascular- The ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to the working muscles (blood pressure, cardiac output and the maximal amount of oxygen the blood can transport and oxygen cells are able to untilize).

2. Muscular Strength- The ability fo the muscles to move a maximal weight weight 1 time with perfect form (1 ROM).

3. Muscular Endurance- The ability of the muscles to move a certain weight multiple times with perfect form (repetitions).

4.  Flexibility - The ability of a muscle to move a joint through full range of motion (ROM).

5. Body Composition - the ratio of lean mass to fat mass.

Please click on link below for the fFunctional Movement System (FMS) flyer.

"We use Leanne Wylet - The Kettlebell Lady for my employees in regards to injury prevention, learning core strength, and how to move functionally with correct movement patterns.  Leanne is very knowledgeable and brings a lot to our staff meetings. We are now using her to screen employees and develop personalized corrective exercise strategies for muscle imbalances leading to pain, missed days at work and potential injury. We also have applicants screened and use the results in consideration for hiring. Leanne is dedicated professional that is a great asset to our company."  -- Marsha Hays, Owner Clear View Services --

Please contact me today for a complementary consultation.  I can help you work with pain, injury, posture deviations and more!! -- The Kettlebell Lady -- Leanne