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Foam rolls come in a number of densities from soft to high-density rollers that are much more solid. A heavy muscled athlete requires a high density roller whereas the general population will need to choose one that is less dense.  See my Affiliate  link for Perform Better has Elite molded foam rolls, Grid Foam Roll and Thera Rolls. They are durable and work well to release tight, sore trigger points and hold up well under heavy use. Rolls go by colors with the white rolls not having enough density break down quickly. Perform Better also carries the "stick" which travels easily when you are on the go. The Rumble Roll also works well for myofascial release of tight areas and can be purchased at: www.rumble Foam roller can also be purchased locally by clicking on the icon on the home page to find a Sports & Fitness Outlet store near you!

You can also contact me for more specifics and how my clients and I use a variety of myofascial release tools.

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