Achieve The Power Of Strength




"I'm so grateful for Leanne. Last spring I was diagnosed with chronic muscle pain and while I ha some relief from medication, I still had great difficulty moving my arm and neck, shoulder. They were extremely stiff and painful. I started Leanne's class. Today, I am mostly pain free and my mobility is about 90% restored. With Leanne's expert help I expect full recovery. I really like her classes and the individual attention she gives me. I know if I had not become involved with the Kettlebell Lady, I would be literally "In a world of hurt!! Thank you Leanne for your kind, caring and expert training. Plus, I always feel good after class!"  - Carolyn P. --

"Leanne Worked with my husband who has loss of leg strength and balance issues from spinal stenosis. She is not only very knowledgeable about the body and how to strengthen it but she is patient and calm. She explains what she is suggesting and how best to achieve the goals. I would encourage anyone who wants physical improvement to talk with Leanne and learn her approach. My husband and I are both very appreciative for her skills. ." -- Judi  R. --

"I had the privilege of working with Leanne at meeting her at the Chelan County Wellness Fair. She was demonstrating kettlebells and I talked to her about shoulder issues I had been resolving. The Chelan County Wellness Committee provided the commissioner’s for her to offer classes. Part of the instruction included a Functional Movement Screening which pin pointed areas that needed to be addressed for myself. Her training provided me with a personalized program  of remedial exercises and a wealth of knowledge to use in my daily life.  Through her instruction and guidance I was able to strengthen my posture, core not only in group exercise but, I continue to use what Leanne taught me.  She is patient and makes sure the movement patterns are done correctly. She combines her program with recommendations from health care providers.  I would recommend Leanne to anyone who has movement constraints" .- Kim J.  -


"I meet Leanne at Columbia Heights at a Health Fair.  She invited me to come to her Be Fit strength conditioning exercise class. She did a Functional Movement Screening to establish a base line for exercise. Communicated with my Massage Practitioner to help me work on my muscle imbalances.  I have gained strength, balance and endurance and enjoy the class.  There is a warm up first, a combination of body weight exercises and using weights.  I soon discovered I got stronger using a nine pound kettlebell than a dumbbell of the same weight.  After the strength conditioning we cool down on mats. Leanne works with us as a group and one on one to helps us with our individual needs. She is a number one instructor. I would recommend Leanne to others because of her compassion from her academic studies and because of her recovery from her seat belt injury. "

 - Sharon C. -


"My friend Carolyn P. recommended I contact the Kettlebell Lady - Leanne to work with me.. She has experienced results from her personalized training and classes. She is patient, through, looked for the root cause of why my body was having issues. She is amazing  of how she pushed through and wants to help others to push through for improvement  with their health and fitness goals."  - Lila N. -