Achieve The Power Of Strength








I decided to take an uncharted faith acventure after being ecouraged to move forward with my dream even though I had a seat belt injury and a mjajor illness. Plus, I was born with poor vision, eye hand coordinaton and always choosen last as a team player. I participated in a variety of individual sports and worked out reguarly in a gym. To take the Big step forward took courage  as Meg Cabot said, "Courage is not the absence of "fear but, rather the judgement that something else is more important than the fear."

That was what it took after a seat belt injury left me disabled Recovery was a slow process, but because of kettlebells  "practice  sessions" and a variety of other tools, I am now at full mobility and my body has been completly restored.

To encourage me a couple of friends gave me inch worms as inspiration and this is how "inch by inch fitness is a cinch" became my trademake as the Kettlebell Lady in the Wenatchee valley. I am an  American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Fitness Instructor,  Funcional Movement Specialist (FMS-C), I combind Hard Style kettlebell techniques with my High Intenstity Fintness Kettlebell Instructor certification (HIKF -C). This was a major accomplishment considering there was a time when I had a twisted skeletal frame, bilateral frozen shoulders/bent elbows and was unable to lock my arms out over head.

The passion I develooped to assist others with their journeys for improved halth and fitness is why I'm a Fitness Instructor "coaching" others to reach their goals to become more than they ever imagined possible.  Please see "A Trimuph Agaist All odds" for my health recovery story.

What are your goals? To rebuild your body as the result of illness or injury? A higher quality of life? Healthy food choices? Lose wieght? Tone up? Prepare for an athlete event? Improved level of fitness? Whatever your goals are I'm here to help. Please see my contact information for a complementry cousultation --  Restore movement patterns for balance, timing, balance and  the power for achievement step by step!     I look forward to hearing from you soon!