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                                          THE MAGIC OF KETTLEBELLS


Move Well, Move Often, Get Fit, Live!

Kettlebell Training improves your cardio-respiratory fitness. Since many kettlebell exercises occur with your arms overhead position the muscles responsible for assisting the breathing process are engaged in muscular activity, not allowing them to help in the respiratory process. This forces the muscles responsible for breathing  to play an even larger role in cardio vascular fitness.

Kettlebell Training develops the ability to produce movement over a period of time called power-endurance with the snatch, clean and jerk. This differs from strength and endurance which requires producing fast muscle contractions over a period of time. The power-endurance component is what often produces a winner in a sport, increases fat loss, conditioning and bridges the gap between strength training and cardio. Kettlebells develop strong muscle fibers and tissues that teach the body how to take a jarring from daily activities.

Kettlebell training allows you to reduce your overall time which gives you the opportunity to work on other aspects such as strategy, skill, rest and recovery. The Kettlebell Lady used her extra time by using kettlebells as a rehab tool to come back from bilateral frozen shoulders, bent elbows, a twisted injured muscular skeletal frame to regain lost mobility and stability.



Where can I buy kettlebells and lear how to use them?

Please see my contact information for details about on how you can get started.  Even if you are not located in the area when I live functional movement screening and fitness training can be done on line through Skype

Dragon Door Kettlebells: I still have my orginal ones I purchased in 2005.  They have held up well through the years and the quality and the ratio of the bell to the smooth handle is good and the quality is always consistant. www.dragon door.con to go to their website to purchasing kettlebells, DVDS,  books and other items.

Art of Strength: Their kettlebells are of high quality with the ratio of the bell to the smooth handle good and the quality is consistent -- made in USA.  I like these kettlebells because the bottom of the kettlebell is designed to screw in either  a 2kg or 4kg buddy to make progrssing to the next heavier bell done in smaller weight increments. A buddy bolt can also be screwed into the bottom of the kettlebell so a Bull Dog rope can be attached adding a new demension to your training. The also have a variety of ropes, suspension systems, vintage tools, DVDs, strongmen equipment and Art of Strength Video clips you can watch on line for training tips. Click on the Affliate link the home page to go to their website to purchase products.

Please support my Sposor Sports & Fitness Outlet: For the greater Wenatchee area is where I refer clients for their consistant quality, reasonable priced kettlebells, fintenss and sporting goods.  For sporting and fitness equipment and related items they are rated as the Best in the Catagory and they excell with customer service and friendly staff. They can be visited on Face Book and please go to the Kettleell Lady home page and click on their link to check them out and look for one of their stores in your area. They are very supportive of the Kettlebell Lady keeping my brochures and business cards on display. When you go in their tell them were you saw their information. Thank you!


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