My name is Leanne Kettlebell Lady


As your Reclaim Yourself  Coach, I know what it’s like to triumph against all odds on all levels mentally, physically, and with relationships. I learned how To Ensure Success to Triumph 360 degrees full circle. It is now my turn to give back to you what I’ve learned through my life challenges and recovery journey. My passion for life focusing on serving others with my God connection helped me preserve against all odds to recover from a seat belt injury that had left me disabled and two major illnesses one of which I came close to death with. 

I had a total body transformation using after a seat belt injury. 

  • Kettlebells rebuilt my body from tissue damage.
  • Retrained movement patterns
  • Combined physical & mental strength with lessons learned from iron.
  • Stability first Mobility second
  • Flexibility 
  • Cardo dynamic intensity 
  • Rebuilt my health.
  • Restored broken relationships.

Let’s team up to accelerate your transformations to soar higher, faster, and further than you ever dreamed possible!

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Lessons I Learned From Iron

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