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Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you moving forward at an accelerated rate or are there times your life goes around in circles? It is all about you moving forward to Ensure Success to Triumph 360 Degrees full circle. Start your journey to

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Skills Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Systems Screening (FMS) certified. In order to obtain this certification I was required to attend two day training demonstrating proficiency in testing movement patterns and identifying muscle imbalances. I was also required to pass a rigorous exam. In conjunction with the FMS I am certified to administer the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS).   I have extensive in depth study and hands on experience with clients. This started before I attended the FMS certification course. The studies were from various DVDS, Athletic Body & Balance & Movement by Gray Cook, MSPT, CSCS, OCS, Dr. Lee Burton, Dr. Kilet Kieset, Dr. Greg Rose & Miles Bryant, Advanced Exercise Manual Movement Screening Manual. 

I have taken over 10 years of CE courses related to movement in order to pass my Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certification. I am also a Hard Style & High Intensity Kettlebell Instructor Certified. The fundamentals of kettlebell training is all about learning how to moving weight under tension controlled by your breathe. ay something interesting about your business here.

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Mastering Fatigue Through Movement

For the Person EVERYONE ELSE Has Given Up On! Take 60 Minutes out of your day to learn how to master the fatigue through movement.


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For those 40 & over it’s time to reclaim your wellness, fitness and relationships with Overcoming Fatigue Through Movement.

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Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you moving forward at an accelerated rate or are there times your life goes around in circles? It is all about you! It is important to live your life to the fullest with your health, fitness, and relationships. To help you explore options of what is the best fit for you I am offering a complimentary time of conversation. Reclaim Yourself Coach and Fitness Instructor Kettlebell Lady of Iron Leanne can be reached by leaving a comment here.

As your Reclaim Yourself Coach

 I am now helping others accelerate their growth in the areas of fitness, health & relationships.

As you think this through here is something to consider. How much is this costing you physically, emotionally, mentally and with your relationships to remain in confusion, discomfort, and pain?  I know what it is like to fall through the cracks seeking answers that don't come. Through those tough times, I learned how to be resourceful and resilient. As a certified Reclaim Yourself Coach, I help others transform lives by identifying breakdowns on all levels, physical, emotional, and relationships. With excitement, you can return to a fully active life.

I am here to help you achieve the power of strength by exploring and learning how to believe and trust in yourself. I have customized plans or can create a program designed for your unique needs and goals.

Let’s talk soon by checking out my products. 

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More About Me


Yvonne M.

Thank you for the review of you experience overcoming a major hilliness & your health recovery. I am humbled & grateful for you & how you preserved against all odds to live a full active life! I am looking forward to how the next chapter of your life on folds.

Ellen M.

Odd feeling, being 80, younger folk raise their voices when speaking with me; little do they know I can hear a mosquito buzzing on Mt Rainier here in Wenatchee. My other senses are fine as well. But I’m quick to forgive the young ones for misunderstanding. I didn’t ‘walk like a duck’ willingly, and the harder I tried to keep up with my younger friends the more depressed I became. Panic set in: would I become an invalid? Then I met Leanne whose vast knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and pain management offered me new hope. She performed functional movement tests on me and designed an exercise program that I did at home. I joined her orthopedic exercise group and have slowly restored natural posture and stride. At Leanne’s recommendation, I had several deep tissue massages by Cary W. LMT. This twosome is inspirational in the healing and wellness field." 


Debbie D..

Leanne has instructed me with kettlebells and is especially good with correct movement patterns. She has a lot of patience and listens carefully. She is a good instructor. She goes over the information as many times as I need it. For myself it takes at least 3 times to really get the technique. Extremely helpful. She has lots of information and is very willing to share. My 85-year-old mother-in-law has trouble with her knees. Leanne taught her how to get out of her chair using her legs and bottom muscles. It worked! She had immediate improvement and has been using these techniques ever since. My husband feels better knowing that his mother can move better getting out of her chair and care more easily. Also, off from the floor if she needs too. 

Simona B.

I had the pleasure of working with Leanne Wylet, The Kettlebell Lady & learned a lot about exercising the accurate way and walking with correct posture. 

Leanne was informative & cautious addressing each of our needs in the Chelan County employees group exercise class. She took the time to explain the "whys" about what we would do & taught us how the fundamentals of kettlebell basics. She was vigilant regarding our welfare from the time class started until it was over. 

Leanne  took the time, well in advance to evaluate each of us,  before working with kettlebells.  I can't express enough the concern showed by Leanne when instructing everyone about working with kettlebells.

Kim J.

I had the privilege of working with Leanne after meeting her at the Chelan county Wellness Fair. She was demonstrating kettleblls. & talked to her regarding shoulder issues I had been working on resolving.  The Chelan County Wellness Committee provided a place in the Commissioners office  to offer a strength conditioning kettlebell class for 4 weeks. Part of the instruction from Leanne included a Functional Movement Screen which pin pointed areas that needed correction for daily life.  Through her instructions was able to strengthen my core & correct my posture issues.   I was given remedial exercises  that enable me to straighten up my posture, I have continue using what I learned long after the class. She is very patient to make sure the exercises are done correctly to insure progress.  She combines her program with other health care providers to optimize you achieving your fitness goals.  I would recommend Leanne to those who are in need help with their movement constraints.  

Edwin H.

"Leanne is the most patient person I know. She works well with people who are nervous about their body. Because of a back condition no one wanted to work with me and I never thought I'd be able to do physical activities again. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the effects of what is going on with movement pattern training. She is very easy to work with and always a joy to be around. My body is now strong, I've lost weight and it is easier to work with my back pain."

Yvonne M. 

"I have been so thankful for Leanne's help in gaining back my strength and balance in a very gentle way. When I can't do the exercise suggested due to the Poly Myalgic Rheumatica syndrome I was suffering, she encouraged me to listen to my body, and to only go as far as it was ready to go. And now that I'm over that PMR, I'm so thankful to be able to do most of what Leanne suggests we do, and my balance is back, my strength is gaining ground each time, and we have fun sharing funny incidents together."

    Keith D. 

  • Kettlebell Lady Leanne encouraged me to a particular therapeutic method, K-tape, that has made a tremendous difference for me. I had used it before for a Repetitive Motion Injury and joint inflammation of my right shoulder, but had not thought about it for my recent back problem (injured ligaments/tendons in the mid-thoracic). Apparently, neither had my DC (who was the one that used it with me before). When I asked about it, he said "That's worth trying!" Tuesday afternoon I had pain so bad I could not move, tears streaming down my face, calling out in stabbing pain. We used the K-tape yesterday after ultrasound and the improvement was apparent within a couple of hours. I had the best afternoon in two weeks. Today? Still in mild discomfort and have to guard my motions a bit, occasional high pain that I treat with heat and/or ice, but so much better it is night and day. I am able to function again.

So, blessings on you, Leanne, many thanks to you! Please use this testimonial in whatever way is best for you.

Anybody wondering about whether to work with Leanne, please take this in. She is a wealth of knowledge and more compassion than you can imagine.

( Me bending my back like I could not on Tuesday! ) — feeling blessed.


 Corinne Simmons

Leanne has a vast background in in her line of work. She is one of the most dedicated Individuals that I have ever met and will see to it that you are helped with your body strengthening due to injury or getting in shape! A wonderfully talented Lady....hence the name Kettlebell Lady!!!


 Leanne shared her thoughts on Overcoming Fatigue Through Movement with our Wenatchee Autoimmune Network. It was more than interesting to watch the faces of the audience as they absorbed the oh-so-valuable information on the importance of staying active. Most people with autoimmune issues live with substantial fatigue. The inclination is to preserve energy by staying still. The reality is the more you sit, the more you sit!  On the other hand, the more one moves, the easier it becomes. Do watch and enjoy this program. It may just change your life.

 Judi R.  Founder,  Autoimmune Advocacy Alliance

“Leanne was a patient of mine who came to us with bilateral shoulder pain and dysfunction. She presented with bilateral frozen shoulders which is a difficult affliction to return to full function from. Leanne did return to not only full function, but, though her training and perseverance she has excelled. It is this determination and quest for knowledge that she possesses that will make her an exceptional trainer. I don’t believe that I have met anyone who has worked harder to achieve her fitness and training goals.” 

Mark Stockman, MSPT